Lubelskie – eco-positive space

The Lubelskie region is associated by many Polish people with an enormous space creating great conditions for a rest, relaxation and gaining power to live. Close to nature, among hospitable people, in the countryside or in a small town, where life goes slowly and its pace is totally different from everyday hurry and stress  concomitant with people living in big cities.

This ECO-POSITIVE SPACE is a primary value for the Lubelskie Region, which, in combination with nature and landscape diversity and the richness of places and monuments connected with its multireligious and multicultural past constitute a potential of the Lubelskie Brand. This potential, in combination with the Brand of Lublin as the strongest cultural and academic centre in eastern Poland, is continuously growing.
We remember about our past, especially with reference to the golden age of the Jagiellons (with such important events in the history of Poland as two international unions – in 1413 in Horodło and in 1569 in Lublin), we are proud of it but we also think about the future. Since 2004, it is here, on the eastern border of the Lubelskie Region where the European Union has  started. While talking about ECO-POSITIVE SPACE we are not limited to ecology and do not exclude   the high-tech sphere which gives new opportunities for both protection and the use of environment in various fields of human activity including rest, living, development of economic, social and cultural activity, etc.

LUBELSKIE IS ECO-POSITIVE.  We combine ambition, dynamism and creativity characteristic for spiritually young Europeans with space, peace, regional culture and traditions of the region friendly to people and clean nature. It is the most important for us, and worthwhile!
Such a trend in the new promotion strategy of the Lubelskie Region is supported by, among others, big mass events set in the richness of the regional multiculturalism, such as: the Jagiellons Fair, Transborder Days of Neighborliness, Festival of Three Cultures. There are also interesting local events organized in Janów Lubelski, Nałęczów, Zwierzyniec, Wojciechów, Łążek Garncarski and many other places. A rich palette of regional dishes and products (including certified products) gives big opportunities for promotion.
The basic issue in the promotion of regions is basing all the actions  on a strong brand and good, well-considered strategy strongly set in the identity of the place. ECO-POSITIVE SPACE is such a brand in the  Lubelskie Region, it gives a promise of a good rest, comfortable life and safe business running, in unity with the natural environment, taking into account sustainable development of tourism, green energy and organic food, something that the Region is famous for.
We promote this healthy food at the biggest European fairs Biofach and  Grune Woche, we encourage to rest in the Lubelskie Region at the most significant tourist exhibitions in Poland and abroad- ITB in Berlin, Tour Salon in Poznań, TTW in Warsaw and Glob in Katowice.

We organize the most spectacular cultural, sports and social events in the region. We also appreciate others’ actions by granting the prestigious title of the Ambassador of the Lubelskie Region to the most famous people from Lublin, institutions and companies.