International cooperation  of the Lublin Voivodship is run on the base of the Resolution of the Sejmik of the Lubelskie Voivodship dated 30th August 1999, which defines the priorities of international cooperation of the voivodship.

The priorities of international cooperation include agreements and contacts of former voivodships: Chełm Voivodship, Zamośc Voivodship, Biała Podlaska and Lublin Voivodships.

Geographic directions and scope of international cooperation are in accordance with the general aim of the Development Strategy of the Lubelskie Voivodship, which is to achieve permanent social and economic development by using geographic location of the region as a platform of cooperation for countries of Eastern and Western Europe, and with the fifth priority of National Strategy of Regional Development „Development of cooperation of regions”.
International cooperation and contacts and projects resulting from it are used in the process of integration of the Region  with UE structures and they constitute a supplementary tool in preparing regional and local administration for tasks connected with programming and implementation of actions resulting from structural policy of the European Union.

International cooperation is developed on the base of concrete projects co-financed in more and more scope  by outside sources (supporting programmes of the EU, government programmes, foundations, etc.). International cooperation is realized not only on a regional level but also on a local level, through twin agreements of gminas and poviats and realization of particular projects.
Establishing and developing international contacts is supported by regional development agencies (for example, Development Foundation of Lublin) and House of Eastern Poland in Brussels.

Due to the border location and managing the external border of the EU, development of the Lubelskie Region will greatly depend on the state of transborder cooperation with Belarus and Ukraine and on relations of these countries with the European Union.

The Lubelskie Voivodship has been very active in international and interregional partnership nets with the EU regions. In 2004-2006 together with 35 other EU regions the Lubelskie Region realized 2 interregional cooperation projects in frame of Interreg IIIC RFO Hanse Passage and RFO Change on Borders, the aim of which was stimulating international contacts in various  aspects. At the same time two other projects financed from the Sixth Frame Programme  of the European Comission, i.e. Regional Innovation Strategy for the Lubelskie Region  and Evaluation of the impact of regional innovation policy and a process of measuring the indicators: cooperation for permanent development of innovations in regions – EUROCOOP. The aim of these projects was to develop a system of innovations and to analyze the influence of innovation policy on the regional development.

From the current financial perspective the Lubelskie Voivodship participates in two international projects co-financed from the programme of European Territorial Cooperation: MITKE and BALTFOOD. There are 21 partners from the EU states involved in the above mentioned projects.

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