Competence of the Sejmik of the Lubelskie Voivodship

 ( based on the act on the voivodship self-government dated 5th of June 1998)

Creating the acts on local law, especially the voivodship statute, rules for managing the voivodship property, rules for using voivodship buildings and public-use facilities.

Resolving development strategy of the voivodsip and long-term voivodship programmes.

Resolving spatial development plan.

Passing a resolution on course of works on the draft of budget resolution.

Passing a resolution on details of executive system of the voivodship budget.

Resolving the voivodship budget.

Defining the rules for giving grants from the voivodship budget.

Examining the reports on budget execution, financial reports and a report on execution of long-term voivodship programmes.

Passing a resolution on giving or refusing a vote of approval to the voivodship management board with regard to budget execution.

Resolving  the rules concerning local taxes and fees.

Passing resolutions on assigning the tasks of the voivodship self-government to other territorial self-government entities.

Deciding on priorities of international cooperation of the voivodship.

Passing resolutions on participation in international regional associations and other forms of regional cooperation.

Electing and dismissing the voivodship management board.

Examining reports on management board activity.

Appointing and dismissing the voivodship treasurer.

Passing resolutions on establishing unions, associations, foundations, dissolving them as well as joining and resigning from participation in them.

Passing resolutions on property issues of the voivodship concerning the rules for purchasing, selling and encumbering a real estate and renting it for the period longer than 3 years, issuing bonds and defining rules on purchasing, selling, taking long-term loans and credits, defining a maximum amount of short-term loans and credits taken by the voivodship management board and deciding on the maximum amount of loans and guarantees given by the management board, establishing commercial law companies,  entering into partnerships and defining the rules of making  contributions, holding, purchasing and selling shares .

Passing resolutions on other issues reserved for  powers of the voivodship sejmik (according to acts and the voivodship statutes).

Establishing the rules concerning internal organization and mode of work of the voivodship self-government bodies.