The Voivodeship Council

The Voivodeship Council comprises 33 councilors selected in direct elections. The term lasts 5 years starting from the date of the election. The Council is a control and legislative body of the Voivodeship. It has one chairman and three vice-chairmen selected amongst its members. The council may also appoint standing and ad-hoc committees to perform defined tasks.

The council holds sessions convened by the chairman depending on the needs, not less than (at least) once a quarter. The statutory tasks of the Council are performed through adopting resolutions, stances and appeals.

The competences of the Council includes, among others, constituting the statute of the Voivodeship and  rules of managing the property of the Voivodship, enacting the development strategy of the Voivodeship as well as long-term programmes. The Council also resolves on the budget of the Voivodeship, appoints and dismisses the Board of the Voivodeship and enacts international cooperation priorities of the Voivodeship.