The Management Board of the Lubelskie Region comprises 5 members the Marshal as the Chairman, two Vice-marshals and two other Members of the Board. The Board performs tasks belonging to self-government of the Voivodship, not reserved for the Voivodship Sejmik (Regional Parliament) and Voivodship Self-Government Organizational Entities.

The Board’s tasks include in particular:
♦ executing the resolutions of the Sejmik;
♦  managing the property of the Voivodship , including executing the rights of shares owned by the Vovodeship;
♦  preparing and executing the budget of the Voividship;
♦  preparing the projects of development strategy of the Voivodship, space development plan, voivodship programmes and their execution;
♦  organizing cooperation with the structures of regional self-governments of other countries and with international regional associations;
♦  managing, coordinating and controlling the activity of regional self-government organizational entities, including appointing and dismissing their managers;
♦  passing organizational rules of the Marshal Office.